Being 1st CLASS means being different.

We want to look different than any other contractor out there! That means every day we dress sharp, show up on time, do our very best work, and treat our customers like family. We work to create a culture of integrity and professionalism and we want to share that with the world.


Here at 1st Class Painting and Restoration our motto or mission statement is simple:


“We are a purpose driven company that serves through Faith

to our community, our team, and our customers.

We just happen to do it through painting and remodeling.”



Whether we are restoring a 1800′s Charleston Home, or installing tile in your kitchen, we work hard to give you the 1st Class Service that you deserve. The idea for 1st Class Painting and Restoration originally started in the summer of 2003. Steve Welch and Tommy Welch were a father and son duo with a goal to create a different class of contractor. The kind of contractor that shows up on time, performs quality work, and most importantly can be trusted - a 1st Class type of contractor. They brainstormed and put their heads together and decided to base the company on three principles.


The Three Principles

1. Create a company where God is always honored. No matter how much or how little business there was to do, serving God was to remain the focal point of everything.

2. Create a company that focused on the customer and not only achieving their needs, but exceeding them.

3. Create a company where every team member treats each and every aspect of the business as they wanted to be treated – with honesty and integrity. From competition to customers to suppliers; 1st Class Painting and Restoration treats them all with honesty and integrity.


Proud to Serve

So with hard work, many blessings from above, and a little luck, 1st Class Painting and Restoration, LLC was officially established in December 2003. We proudly service the low country of South Carolina, predominantly in the Charleston area, and we offer a wide variety of products and services for residential, commercial, and industrial contracting.

With clients such as Apple, Tanger, Kate Spade, Reebok, UPS, Puma,Sherwin Williams, Dunkin Donuts, Cole Hahn, Rockport, and HOCOA to name a few, we have no other option than to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


We pride ourselves at 1st Class Painting and Restoration on 100% customer satisfaction, and value each and everyone of our clients as we do our own families. We achieve this by using 1st Class products installed by a 1st Class team.